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Updated at: 2023-10-08.

BiasML: Next-Generation Analytics Platform

BiasML: Next-Generation Analytics Platform

At BiasML, we believe in analytics that goes above and beyond. Introducing a pioneering analytics platform that seamlessly merges simplicity with advanced functionality. Our platform is designed keeping the user at its core, ensuring that data insights are not just accurate but encompassing. Dive into effortless analytics while being assured of the highest standards and uncompromised data privacy. Here's a more detailed look at what we offer:


Step into the world of advanced analytics with BiasML. Understand your visitors, their preferences, and how they interact with your platform. With our state-of-the-art tools, gather insights that drive results.


Gone are the days of waiting for reports to refresh. With BiasML, witness your website traffic data in real-time. Whether it's a sudden surge of visitors or understanding peak hours, stay ahead with instant reporting.


Gain a holistic understanding of your website's performance. From page views to unique visitors, our comprehensive overview provides a snapshot of all crucial metrics, giving you the bigger picture at a glance.


Not all pages are created equal. Delve deep into the performance of individual pages on your website. Identify the star performers and optimize those that need a nudge.


Ever wondered where your traffic is coming from? With our Acquisitions tool, trace back to the sources. Whether it's direct visits, referrals, or search, know the channels bringing in your audience.


Go global, but stay local. Understand the geographic distribution of your visitors. Whether it's a country, state, or city, know where your audience resides and tailor your content accordingly.


In this digital age, it's crucial to know the devices and software preferences of your visitors. From desktop users to mobile aficionados, BiasML equips you with insights to optimize your website's compatibility.


Don't just track visits, track actions. Create custom events, be it a sign-up, download, or purchase, and monitor their conversion rates. Understand what drives your audience and refine your strategies.


Data on hand is power in hand. With our Export feature, download all your website's statistics in a convenient CSV format. Whether it's for presentations, archives, or deeper analysis, have your data ready at the click of a button.

Experience the future of analytics with BiasML. Elevate your insights, drive your strategies, and ensure unparalleled growth. Welcome to effortless, efficient, and empowered analytics.